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SportsArt's XTrainer was the 2006 Nova 7 Product of the Year , and with good reason. While ellipticals and treadmills still seen to dominate most cardio sales, when you stop stop and think they are both weight bearing exercises. As the leading edge of the baby boomers are moving into retirement, their ankles, knees, hips, lower back and joints in general are not allowing them to do the weight bearing exercises that they used to. You will find the SportsArt Fitness XTrainers are an un-weight  system that allows one to comfortably sit down and get their heart rate up for a great aerobic workout while enjoying a high repetition strength workout at the same time.


• Independent upper and lower body resistance allows for endless training options

• Step-through access and low impact design are safe for all users

• Multi-position handles for enhanced exercise and training effect

 Residential Warranty

5 years parts. 3 years electronics. 1 year labor.
Max User Weight 350 lbs.

Commercial Warranty

1Year Parts    1Year Labor

MSRP: $2,499   

 XTrainer - XT20

• The XTrainer is a total body workout machine that combines independent lower and upper body resistance, which has been proven to provide better training results than any other cardio product

• Rotational handles provide a variety of training options and include fingertip controls for both lower and upper body resistance

• State-of-the-art display features advanced programmability, heart rate control and CardioAdvisor™

• Step-through design and low-impact action make it easy for any user to enjoy the XTrainer

•  XTrainer features an easy to use Tri-color dot matrix display featuring professionally designed programs.  This visually stimulating display features Personal CardioAdvisorTM and multiple feedback options.

Key Features

  • Tri-color dot matrix display with mutliple program options
  • Rotational handles allow a variety of different training angles and movements while eliminating wrist stress
  • Fingertip control buttons on the handles allow quick and easy resistance changes to upper and/or lower body components
  • Lower body resistance is independent of upper body resistance, allowing users to receive more effective
  • training results

Advanced Features

  • 270 Degree Rotational handles
  • Fingertip resistance control
  • Easy access step-through design
  • Comfortable reclining seatback
  • Oversized water bottle holder
  • Independent upper and lower body 20 levels of resistance
  • Personal CardioAdvisorTM
  • Telemetry Heart Rate, HRC

Weight     343 lbs.

Dimensions      83” L x 33” W x 56 " H

Home Warranty

  • Lifetime mechanical parts
  • 5 years electronics
  • 1 year labor

Commercial Warranty

  • Lifetime frame
  • 3 years parts
  • 1 year labor