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The Fire Service Joint Labor Management Wellness Fitness Initiative (WFI) was developed through partnership between the IAFF and IAFC and ten fire departments across the country. The goal of the WFI is to improve the emotional, physical and mental health of firefighters throughout their lifelong careers.

The WFI manual demonstrates that through implementing the WFI program, significant cost savings can be realized in workers compensation, loss of work time and disability. The program involves recommendations for fire departments in key areas of wellness including nutrition, fitness, behavioral health and rehabilitation.

The WFI sets forth easy to follow guideline to allow firehouses to adopt a comprehensive wellness and fitness program with trackable results. The WFI manual suggests that any equipment purchased for a firehouse fitness facility be equipment that can be used for WFI testing. SportsArt Fitness treadmills are equipped with the WFI testing program as part of their standard software package.